Get More Years from Classic Diesel Trucks

Many diesel trucks that have been on the road for over twenty years still have some life left in them. People who have completed recommended maintenance and taken excellent care of their trucks can prevent adding a new car payment to the budget. A few aftermarket parts or an upgrade or two will have the old truck running practically as well as it did when it was new.

Finding Parts and Kits

Manufacturers have made several changes to trucks as the model years have gone by. One of the early major changes was switching Ford 7.3-liter Powerstroke engines to 6.0-liter engines. This was done in 2003 to comply with stricter emissions laws. Finding conversion kits for electric fuel systems that fit older trucks, for example, was a difficult task depending on where truck owners resided.

Those who lived in populated areas had more of a chance of locating an aftermarket parts and kit dealer or a junk yard with the needed components than those living in remote areas. E commerce has eliminated that problem because people can order kits from a variety of manufacturers, such as Bulletproof, driven diesel, and Fleece Engineering Performance. Websites dedicated to upgrades and aftermarket products typically offer low pricing and free shipping.

Getting a Proper Fit

When ordering kits, it is vital to get the right one for the year, make, and model of the truck. Owners seeking conversion kits for 1994 to 1997 7.3-liter Ford engines will need to make sure they purchase the Driven Diesel COMPLETE OBS Electric Fuel System for the specific year of the truck and either the 250 or 350 truck series. The old body style (OBS) kit will result in a consistent fuel flow and pressure to the fuel injectors.

A Boost in Power

Another benefit of converting to an electric fuel system is a boost in power compared to the original fuel system. Future repairs to the fuel system will be easier and cheaper once the conversion kit has been installed. An old truck can still perform well and get the job done with some aftermarket investments. Add a fresh coat of paint and new accessories and the truck will rival any new one on the road.